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Second subject of the day is BEST EUROPEAN RAPPERS (at my view)

Let's start my number 10

NUMBER 10: Madcon

Madcon is a multi-platinum award winning[clarification needed] Norwegian urban duo. The group has achieved international fame, due in large part to the international success of their single Beggin'. Madcon has won a World Music Award, sold millions of singles and compilations, and have performed and toured all over Europe.

In 2009, the band has continued with album releases all over Europe, and their debut release in the US and Australia.

NUMBER 9: Kool Savas

Rapper Kool Savas emerged as one the most controversial German pop stars of his generation via misogynistic and homophobic lyrics that followed in the divisive traditions of American hip-hop. Born Savas Yurderi in Aachen, Germany, on February 10, 1975, he was the son of Turkish immigrants that returned to their homeland shortly after his birth. There his father was imprisoned for political activism, forcing his mother to return to Aachen alone. The family reunited in 1987 and relocated to Berlin, where 12-year-old Yurderi first discovered rap. He also pursued acting, and in 1997 made his feature debut in the film Geschwister-Kardesler. Originally dubbing himself King Kool Savas, he first surfaced in English-language hip-hop collectives like the Basic Elements and M.O.R. ("Masters of Rap"), and made his recorded debut on the 1999 Westberlin Maskulin release Hoes, Flows, Moneytoes. After creative differences forced him out of M.O.R. in 2001, Kool Savas mounted a solo career, founding his own Optik label to issue the LP Der Beste Tag Meines Lebens. Singles like "Schwule Rapper" ("Gay Rappers") and "Pimplegionär" ("Pimp Legionaire") earned him a devoted fan following as well as the scorn of critics. Kool Savas also transformed Optik into more than a vanity label, recruiting an impressive roster of up-and-coming acts including Eko Fresh, DJ Nicon, and Melbeatz (aka Melanie Wilhelm, Yurderi's longtime girlfriend). Eko Fresh later exited Optik and in late 2004 issued "Die Abrechnung," an attack on Kool Savas that quickly earned an answer record, "Das Urteil." Yurderi also maintained an ongoing feud with Swedish rapper Promoe. The second Kool Savas album, Optik Takeover, followed in 2006. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

Number 8: K-Maro

Cyril Kamar, (born January 31, 1980 in Beirut, Lebanon) better known by his stage name K.Maro, is a Canadian Pop singer-songwriter and producer of Lebanese origin. He sings in French and in English. He is also founder / owner and CEO of K.Pone.Inc Music Group, an entertainment company and K.Pone.Inc record label, with signing of a host of well-known artists.

K.Maro released his solo debut album La Good Life in the mid 2004, with 3 singles released from it. He also released his second studio album, Million Dollar Boy, in late 2005. In 2006 he released his first remix album - 10th Anniversary: Platinum Remixes. His third studio album - Perfect Stranger was released on October 24, 2008.

Number 7: Redrama

Redrama, or Lasse Mellberg, is a rap-artist and a producer. He is widely considered to be the best of the few Finnish MC’s who express themselves in English, and in fact won the Finnish MC-championship in 2001, the same year his self-titled EP was released. After Red was signed to Virgin Records UK in 2003, his debut album “Everyday Soundtrack” hit the stores. Though the first single, “If You With That”, gained a lot of airplay, it was the second track, “Hang It Up” (which was produced by The Merchants) that sky-rocketed Red both to the Official Finnish Charts and to all the major radio stations in Finland. The third single, “Knuckleheadz” also gained a lot of airplay but wasn’t nearly as big as “Hang It Up”.

Redrama’s second album “Street Music” was released in the end of 2005 and featured the summer-anthem “Street Music” and the hit single’s B-side “Off Your Chest”.

Redrama has performed as a supporting act for artists such as D 12 and Gang Starr. Together with Paperboys and Madcon, Red forms the Alien Allies-collective.

Number 6: Brandon

In a relatively short time Brandon has gone from an up and coming rapper to a highly talented artist in the contemporary Finnish music scene. But Brandon is more than just the latest artist to blow up. His lyrics, which cover topics from his personal experiences and positive outlook on life to prevailing social problems, reflect his multi-cultural upbringing.The youngest of six children, Brandon was born in Tallahassee, Florida on 31.10.1984 to parents Pirjo and Bruce, both accomplished track and field athletes.Being the youngest of six siblings did not come without its problems. In stark contrast to his current musical abilities Brandon didn’t learn to talk until the age of three. His mother, alarmed, took young Brandon to a speech therapist that diagnosed Brandon as having a “speech delay”. It took Brandon just one week in speech therapy at the University of Florida to learn to speak. This could be considered as an indication of his future abilities.His life took a dramatic turn when his parents divorced in 1988. Left with six children to care for on her own his mother decided to relocate the family to the somewhat safer environment of Finland. He attended the elementary school of Käpylä in Helsinki. However his mother’s fear of being a single parent of a “herd” of six didn’t subside and she decided that moving to the countryside and enrolling her children to a small rural school near Riihimäki would be a better choice than living in the capital.Bringing up six children in the countryside wasn’t any easier and so the Bauer family moved back to Helsinki where Brandon attended a school in Itäkeskus. Deciding to prevent her two youngest sons swaying from the “good” path Brandon’s mother made him and his brother Michael join an athletic club. Having been introduced to hip-hop music by his older brother Shane, Brandon did not take athletics too seriously, his heart was already set on hip-hop. That however did not stop him from winning the high-jump silver medal at the Junior Finnish Championship games.At the age of 16, Brandon had his first gig at Kiasma, an outdoor happening, in 2001. By that time his family was split in half. His three sisters, Kirsi, Susan and Anne-Marie where back living in the States, whereas Brandon and his two brothers remained in Helsinki. This split also in a way mirrors his cultural personality. He was born American but has spent most of his life in Finland, and although he prefers to live in Finland he often visits the rest of his family in Pennsylvania.Having met a promising producer, Sakke, who studied at the same school, they quickly joined forces and started to record songs at a local youth-house. During this learning process Brandon slowly started gaining recognition among the Finnish hiphop scene. This opened opportunities for numerous live performances around his hometown. Brandon and Sakke had ambitious intentions to release the accumulated material on their own, but these plans changed when they were approached by Elastinen, of Fintelligens fame, the CEO of the leading Finnish hiphop label Rähinä Records Oy.

Number 5: Enza

Enza, one of the most extraordinary French rapper, born in Paris, represents a French/American music group; the “Co Defendants”, composed by Enza, Taxi and Shabazz the Disciple.

French-American Urban music is a new genre developed and built up by Enza since ten years in a world. official website :

Enza appeared also on various official mix-tapes of independent American rappers as: Beretta 9 (Usa/Ohio), Speed Child (Usa/New York), Hushh (Usa/Connecticut) as well as besides Dj Noodles and several official mix tape of Akon, G-Unit, Jay- Z

Enza work with Artists/labels like :

Havoc (Mobb Deep)
Prodigy (Mobb Deep)
Big Stat
Glasses Malone
Shabazz The Disciple
Hell Razah (Sunz of Man)
Shyheim aka The Manchild
Speed Child (Shady Records)
Cashis (Shady Records)
Bizarre (D12)
Method Man
Tariq L (Konvict Muzik)
A-Wax (Konvict Muzik)
Qwes (Konvict Muzik)
American Yard (Konvict Muzik)
Kardinal Offishal (Konvict Muzik)
DJ Noodles
DJ Khaled
DJ Flipcyide
Dj Green Lantern
Don Yute
Hot Rod (G-Unit)
Keith Murray
Buddha Monk (Brooklyn Zu)
Darkim Be Allah
Kevlaar 7 (Wisemen)
Beenie Man
Georges Clinton
Das F.X and more

Enza have recording more of 600 Tracks featuring different American Artist's from all states of the U.S.A : New York, California, New Jersey, Texas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Campton, Michigan, Connecticut and more..

Def Jam
Soundright Music International
Konvict Muzik
50/50 Music Inc
Shady Records
Da Tribe Ent
CCR Universal
Universal Music Usa
Nappy Boy
Bottom Up
Slip N Slide Dj's
G- Unit
Fix your Face Music Group
Another Music Group
Hushh Entertainment
Def Jam Island
Nautylius Records
and more ...

Number 4: Looptroop

Looptroop Rockers is a hip hop group from Västerås, Sweden. The members are rappers Promoe (Mårten Edh), Supreme (Mattias Lundh-Isen) and DJ/Producer Embee (Magnus Bergkvist). In February 2007 rapper Cos.M.I.C (Tommy Isacsson), who had been a member of the group since 1993, decided to focus on designing and maintaining and not to be an active member of the group. On their latest CD the group changed its name from Looptroop to Looptroop Rockers, a name they've used unofficially for some years prior to the change.

Number 3: Promoe

Promoe (Mårten Edh, born Nils Mårten Ed, 28 April 1976) is a Swedish rapper, and member of Swedish hip hop group Looptroop Rockers, formed in Västerås, Sweden, 1992. Promoe released his third album in 2006, entitled White Man's Burden. This was followed with a DVD titled Standard Bearer, which includes a documentary about the development of White Man's Burden and a concert from Copenhagen. Promoe has a background of graffiti-writing and many of his songs deal with graffiti.

Number 2: The Gambit

The Gambit (born Anssi Lähteenoja in 1982 in Turku, Finland) is a producer, rapper, record producer, MBA and LL.M grad. He owns a record company, Queen Gambit Laboratoires (QGL), which is specialized in urban genres of music. QGL is distributed by Edel Records in Finland. The Gambit speaks fluent English and has been influenced by the rappers living in Florida.

Although it is claimed that The Gambit started his career in 1996, he went public in 2004 with a single called "Gravity Laws". He wrote the lyrics and the song was produced by a Finnish hip hop producer, DJ Staffro. In the summer of 2005, The Gambit produced his double A-side single, "Move Gambit / Cos My Clique Is", which debuted #9 on the Finnish single charts. A few months later, he released his first music video of the song "Cos My Clique Is".


Adam Tensta (born Adam Momodou Eriksson Taal, August 1, 1983) is a Swedish hip hop MC. Tensta's debut album It's a Tensta Thing was released in September 2007 by K-Werks AB.

Adam Tensta's father is from Gambia and his mother is Swedish-Finnish. He grew up as the son of a single mother and an absent, heroin-addicted father in a project in the outskirts of Stockholm called Tensta. In a neighborhood where violence and crime is the norm, Adam Tensta refused to take the path of many of his peers. Instead of stealing, smoking dope and skipping school, he found a mental sanctuary in hip hop music and artists like the Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Nas and Bob Marley became the source of inspiration for his first rhymes. To honor his roots, Adam took Tensta as his artist name, and for the first time Swedish newspaper headlines didn’t only refer to crime stories. Adam Tensta has never smoked, drank alcohol or done drugs. He strives to be a good role model and is a representative of “A Non Smoking Generation” and an ambassador for the Swedish chapter of “Save the Children,” a child advocacy group that looks after the value and safety of all children in the world.

His debut album was released in 2007 winning him a Grammis [1] and two Swedish DeeJay Awards.[2] On January 26th, he was featured on the site of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, highlighting the video of the single "My Cool". The song appeared on NBA 2K10.

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