maanantai 30. marraskuuta 2009

A.P.E. Music vol.2 at January!

Yo w'zzup???

As some of U know that I have been making my 2nd album called A.P.E. Music vol.2 (We don't die!). Some details I wan't to confirm... There is NO BEATS FROM ME, every beat has been produced by someone else. I am not confirming yet any guest apperiences but COMPLETE TRACK LIST WILL BE OUT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Planned song list:

A.P.E. Music vol.2 (We don't die)

1. Grindin' hard!
2. Something U forgot
3. South Sun
4. History rewind
5. Good
6. U neva knew
7. Blow thiz up!
8. Heard 'em talking
9. Machine
10. Get it on

Let's keep grinding!


- Tommy Sky

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