tiistai 22. syyskuuta 2009

Nerd glasses


The subject of the day is... NERD GLASSES

First of all: I don't understand why people are laughing to theese or thinking that others are gay JUST BECAUSE OF GLASSES?!?!? I like theese glasses and what is important on eye-glasses, they make you look smart okay.. If you are homofobic or something, then go tell to your grandma or grandpa that he or she is gay! So sick of people who are "so fashional"...

Even jigga man has got theese

Chris has got..

Even Rihanna has got some kinda nerd glasses

So.. Next time you think you look good and you come to me looking like this...

... don't wonder why I LAUGH SO HARD IN YOUR FACE!! You look more completly idiot then me and my glasses :)
With all love
- Tommy Sky

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